On January 27, Jabril Bensedrine will give a talk to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Spark startups group. In his talk, he will share insights and advice on US go-to-market strategies based on our study of 80 technology companies we have assisted over the past 8 years.


As part of a US exploration trip, Spark NTNU startup members will be visiting a variety of relevant organizations in the NYC technology ecosystem. Participants also expect to learn more about startup business culture in the US, and their expansion potential here.

Startups joining the workshop include: MovieMask (2D movie goggle which has completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and already sold about 3000 units through retail and telecom in Norway),Transporter X (a digital meeting spot (app) for the transportation industry currently in early stages of development), Daycloud (an app for sharing event photos among attendees with beta launched and in early stages of commercialization), Aurora Mornings (a personal sleep assistant with the first functional prototype completed and in testing phase), Smart Cylinders (hardware for measuring remaining gas in propane tanks with a working prototype and working on scalable product), and Sevendof (combination helicopter and drone with horizontal takeoff and 12 hours of flight time with a functional prototype and working on final product).

Spark NTNU has supported more than 300 business ideas emerging from the university over the past three years.

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