Boston, MA, Sept. 24-26, 2014: Speaking at a conference co-presented by the MIT and Sustainable Brands, Deborah Stern, Founder and CEO of 2020 Strategies and Tennaxia Consultant with The Triana Group, shared insights on best practices in tracking and reporting on sustainability data. “Companies are often settling for inferior solutions, using in-house methods such as Excel and crossing their fingers that the data is right while using endless payroll for input”, Deborah Stern said. Europe was an early adopter of reporting tools and developed useful benchmarks for US organizations seeking to implement best-in-class solutions such as Tennaxia. Building on its experience providing dozens of corporations with turnkey services & software solutions that are deployed over thousands of sites across all continents, Tennaxia brings to US users highly customizable solutions that can replace slow and painful data collection and analysis with streamlined processes that cost less and deliver enhanced data quality. It brings a platform that manages sustainability data in a way that allows for everything from big-picture to granular analysis, liberates manpower from data processing to mission-driven work, drives performance while driving decisions, and mitigates reputational and operating risks. [more about sustainability practices]