The Triana Group announces completion of a several-month proprietary market study of the United States Photonics sector. The study focuses on a specific cluster in the North-East of the United States within the context of the larger national and global market. It provides insights for companies and investors of all sizes interested in cutting-edge applications of photonics.


Executive Summary

US & MA Photonics Market

  • Definitions (optics and photonics; electro-optics and optoelectronics)
  • Applications (Communications; Medical & Biomedical; Defense; Energy Production; Oil and Natural Gas Production)
  • Global market trends
  • US Market Description (large US photonics/ optics corporations; US clusters)
  • Massachusetts Photonics (trends; key projects)

Photonics/ Optics Ecosystem in the Boston Region

  • Panorama
  • Institutional players
  • Companies
  • Key scientific players
  • Trade associations (IEEE Photonics Society; Optical Society of America -OSA; Optoelectronics Industry Development Association -OIDA; New England Fiber-optic Association -NEFC)

Focus on Specific Segments

  • Medical imaging (definitions; corporate examples; key trade associations; examples of medical photonics research labs; events; useful resources)
  • Green photonics (definitions; green photonics market; examples of rapidly growing companies in the green photonics market; key organizations; important events; useful resources)

Federal Programs Relevant to Photonics

  • The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs
  • Subsidies and Financing sources

Additional Information

  • List of companies in the MA photonics/ optics sector
  • Profiles of experts interviewed and interview summaries
    • Interview with Robert Stephenson, Chairman, Boston Chapter, IEEE Photonics Society
    • Interview with Tom Hausken, Senior Engineering & Applications Advisor, OIDA
    • Interview with Stephen Fantone, President & CEO, OPTIKOS Corporation
    • Interviews with Economic Development Agencies
  • Useful Resources relevant to Photonics in the United States
  • Sources for relevant Incentive Programs
  • Sources for relevant Requests for Proposals

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