Hosted by the world’s leading trade publication in the French language Biotech Finances, this webinar was held in English by Lorraine Marchand and Omar Mencin. It is suitable for overseas as well as American early-stage companies seeking an overview of US financing options and strategy, with a focus on biotech and medical technologies.

Topics covered include:
– an overview of the financing landscape
– US and European early rounds by class and disease state
– Small Cap/Private Biotech Landscape
– Key Strategic and Tactical Considerations Before Raising Funds and Seeking Strategic Partners
– Angels vs. VCs
– VC & Investor Priorities
– VC Risk Reduction Strategies: Team; Products; Markets
– Federal Sponsorships
– Not-For-Profit Financing Sources (Examples)
– Corporate Strategic Investments
– How to Attract Investor Interest
– How to Use Advisory Boards
– Financing Process
– Due Diligence Process
– 9 Points for a Best Strategy
– Case Studies
– Key term sheet items
– Understanding Valuation
– Valuation Methodologies

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