We are excited to share a new milestone for The Triana Group’s business development practice: For the first time, we facilitated a distribution agreement between a Google Ventures company and an international partner. We represented in this negotiation the foreign partner, assisting its leadership team through all steps and dimensions of the discussions until signature. Our role does not stop at the signature and will continue until successful roll-out.

This deal should have been relatively complex to negotiate due to out-of-the-ordinary terms among participants based on three continents building an entirely new relationship. However, thanks to exceptionally professional and wonderful people on both sides and a clear understanding of the business opportunity, we were able to reach an agreeable Term Sheet and a signed contract within two months from initial contact. Earlier, The Triana Group had identified and screened several dozen solution providers from around the world during a period of three months; our screening involved detailed benchmarking for the top 21 among them, further diligence on 7, and negotiations with 3.

This deal provides the foreign partner with an exciting technology that will power its differentiation strategy in a highly competitive market. The technology is now undergoing localization, integration and sales roll-out planning on the foreign partner’s side, a process which The Triana Group is also facilitating.

We look forward to tell you more about this as soon as the ink will be dry enough and the public announcement will be approved for disclosure.