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Sponsored by one of Europe’s Top-10 IT software and services companies, The Engineering Group, SpagoBI leverages a community of developers in Europe, the United States and worldwide.

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Who Joins SpagoBI Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Workshops & Demo Days?

  • Workshops bring together systems integrators, developers, corporate and government users seeking to develop business intelligence and big data analytics solutions or exploring turnkey solutions and analytics services.

  • Participants represent companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 in multiple sectors, and institutions ranging from R&D organizations to government agencies.

  • Agendas include demos, discussions, use-cases, group and individual conversations, to examine how to enable users to mine various types and sizes of data, ranging from smartphone to sensors-generated information, the web, unstructured data or other structured data such as scalable relational databases.

What Can You Do With SpagoBI?


Charts & Dashboards

Get instant insights on your data through several types of charts (e.g. pie charts, bar charts, scatter diagrams, bubble charts, dispersion charts) and interactive dashboards.


Build and manage KPI hierarchy models, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarms.


Ad-hoc reporting

Self-create your multi-sheet reports, including tables, cross-tables and charts.

Interactive cockpits

Aggregate and navigate your analysis, explore your data in an interactive and graphical way.



Navigate your data at different levels of detail and from different perspectives, thanks to a complete set of features, including drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice, drill-through processes.

Free Inquiry

Thanks to a specialized QbE (Query by Example) tool, you can explore your data easily, thanks to its entirely graphical web-based interface.


Big Data, to extract information from large volumes of heterogeneous data, even NoSQL databases and HDFS

What-if, to predict effects of potential changes in your business strategies

In-memory & mash-up, for faster data insights and the highest analytical effciency

Data mining, to explore your data through advanced techniques and algorithms

Location Intelligence, to view your business data on static and interactive maps

Network analysis, to visualize relations among entities (e.g. social media users) through specialized views

Sentiment analysis, to analyze information on people’s attitudes, interests and opinions (e.g. social listening)

Real-time & Mobile


Who Uses SpagoBI?

Users, application developers and integrators for corporations and governments internationally, such as:

  • Fiat, $100 billion automotive company (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)
  • Accor, 160,000-employee global hospitality company
  • ENEL, Europe’s second largest utility company
  • Telecom Italia, one of Italy’s largest telecom operators
  • Agnes B, 250-stores international retail chain
  • Ministry of Health, Italy
  • Veneto Regional Government e-government initiative, Italy
  • San Giovanni Hospital, Rome
  • San Giovanni Battista University Hospital, Turin
  • Reutlingen University, Germany
  •, leading videogame online retailer, San Francisco