Business development

YOU ARE INTRODUCING your technology in a new vertical or region. You are looking for business development consultants who are experienced in your targeted market segment. You seek people who can prospect potential clients, explore sales and distribution partnerships, and develop your pipeline of opportunities.

WE PROSPECT opportunities, start your B2B pipeline, and test your market traction by engaging conversations with lead users as well as sales & distribution channel partners. We can act a flexible team, and help recruit your business development executives.

CLIENTS CHOOSE US for our consultants’ deep expertise in their specific market segments, proven entrepreneurial experience, and creative hands-on operational execution. Over the years, our clients’ satisfaction rates have grown to nearly 100%.

Case Studies

We introduced a new healthcare company to 200 regional hospitals

Situation: An American Midwest diagnostics company wanted to expand its East-Coast sales presence.
Deliverables: Within 7 months, 200 hospitals called & qualified, 100 hot leads identified in 6 States, 12 tests completed, totaling $5.4 million in revenue potential. Our client’s Vice-President & General Manager, commented: “We needed to expand our distribution in the East Coast. The Triana Group delivered. Within a few months, they built a multimillion dollar pipeline.”

We arranged a Joint-Venture to help the geographic diversification of an enterprise-software company

Situation: A midsized European enterprise software company wanted to partner with an American systems integrator to facilitate and accelerate its US market expansion.

Deliverables: We listed 900 target companies; conducted 40 interviews, held advanced discussions with 3 companies; enabled a Joint-Venture with their preferred company, based in California. The joint-venture partner company’s CEO commented: “The Triana Group enabled us to come together from a business and cultural perspective and develop a common strategy.”

We introduced a European company to a synergistic American partner, reducing the capital needed to expand U.S. operations

Situation: A global airspace manufacturer wanted to deploy our client’s software internationally. This entailed considerable content localization cost and other issues, which prevented our client from pursuing the opportunity. We were asked to help unlock the situation by finding a local partner.

Deliverables: We detected and screened 340+ relevant contacts in the company’s market space through trade shows, conferences, and reserved-access databases; arranged multiple meetings for the CEO; finally secured a partnership with a local content provider, saving $1 million+ investment in local content creation; this enabled the company to move to its first pilot stage, and continue its process.

We designed and implemented in-bound lead generation campaigns, for a European company seeking qualified B2B leads in the U.S.

Situation: A software company without brand recognition or sufficient sales force sought to grow its pipeline of business-to-business leads.

Deliverables: Over a period of 18 months, we designed and implemented several lead-generation campaigns. An initial campaign including 53 in-depth interviews with users and experts (3 months); a partnership with a national professional association, resulting in a featured article sent to the association’s 20,000 newsletter subscribers; production and publication of a White Paper, generating an average of 10 new spontaneous leads per month; sponsorship of trade association’s webinars, featuring our client’s case studies and clients (up to 400 registered participants and 170 attendees in the company’s targeted profession). Overall, 1000+ B2B contacts generated of which 650 nurtured with a newsletter and 260 nurtured via our Hubspot program. Resulted in a client sales funnel of 50+ multi-billion dollar companies.

We redeveloped the U.S. national sales & distribution network of a German electronics components manufacturer

Situation: A German electronic components manufacturer whose existing U.S. distributor did not generate sufficient revenue, retained us to expand its American sales channels.

Deliverables: 600 calls, 550 emails, and 4 months later, we signed contracts with manufacturers’ representatives covering 28 States and 3 national distributors, adding millions of units to the company’s sales pipe-line potential.

We validated the growth plan and helped rebuild the U.S. executive team of a European manufacturing company, reinforcing its North American presence

Situation: A European manufacturing company American subsidiary’s revenue was 20 times smaller than its calculated potential. The CEO assigned us to independently assess the subsidiary, provide a marketing plan and assist in its implementation.

Deliverables: Following approval of our proposed marketing plan, we were retained to help strengthen the subsidiary’s leadership by recruiting 2 key positions, including a new General Manager. Through nationwide executive search we recruited a new General Manager in charge of leading the subsidiary’s next phase. We also recruited a new Pre-Sales Project Manager, and delegated a full-time Marketing Manager who helped hire 4 additional people. Representative metrics: for each position, screened 300+ resumes, short-listed 10 candidates, each time the client hired our 1st ranked candidate.

We provided part-time and full-time marketing management to a foreign manufacturer seeking to reinforce its U.S. market presence

Situation: A European manufacturing company needed 360-degree US marketing management for several months to boost its growth efforts.

Deliverables: Within days, we assigned 2 part-time marketing managers, of which one transitioned into a Full-Time Marketing Manager position. The manager expanded the company’s professional media visibility; developed relationships with 5 trade associations; adapted the company’s marketing material to better fit its North-American market (including its online presence); developed new marketing material including product documentation which served the company globally; created marketing support programs for distributors and sales representatives; planned, created and developed email campaigns and newsletters; grew the company’s e-mailing database; within 6 months, the company’s number of in-bound business-to-business contacts reached 640 spontaneous connections.


The Triana Group presented us a business opportunity with a German manufacturer, and was instrumental at making this new relationship a success. […] The Triana Group’s involvement reassured us about the company’s integrity and made us feel this new relationship would be trustworthy. Once our agreement was signed, The Triana Group handled the transition in a way that retains all confidence in this new relationship. We hope to work with The Triana Group again, they are good.

Debby Arrin

President, Straight Road Electronics, Inc. (electronics components distributor covering most of the Fortune 500 corporations in North America)

Our first deal was between a distribution company we own and a medical devices manufacturer selected by The Triana Group. We were able to reach an excellent deal for both sides. Negotiations could have fallen apart several times were it not for The Triana Group’s mediation. As a result, we invested in this manufacturer’s distribution in our territory and placed an immediate order to purchase machines.

Majed Alsulaiman

Director, Gaidek - The Triana Group Consultant in the Gulf Countries

Our collaboration with The Triana Group has already helped SpagoBI generate strong interest from users and integrators, and will allow us to promptly react to the growing demand […] which can sustain both business growth and innovation.

Gabriele Ruffatti, quoted in a 3/7/2012 Press Release

Director, Engineering Group, Italy's largest and Top-10 European IT Services Provider

Cold calling on Key Accounts is tough, so we wanted a company that had experience making executive-level business-to-business cold calls and could get up to speed quickly on our service offerings.  We chose The Triana Group because they had experience working in our sector, and had good results working with a company we know and that is similar to ours.

Cold calling is only as good as the person making the call and we were very pleased with our Triana Group representative.  She learned our business, kept us informed via a weekly report and update calls, helped us qualify our CRM, and made suggestions on how to modify our b2b sales approach to get better results.  We will use Triana Group again.

Karl Pfalzgraf

Vice President, Sustainability Services, iCompli, division of BPA Worldwide whose prestigious board includes Pfizer, Medtronic, John Deere

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