The first of its kind to receive official executive training accreditation

(also available in French)


Hands-on executive training and mentored business planning, serve as catalysts for top executives seeking robust business development strategies for the U.S. market.

The program walks participants through key steps to decide their strategic plans, transforming them in actionable business plans. Intensive mentoring sessions provide a wealth of best practices and methodologies, real business cases, toolboxes, peer group discussions, Q&As with experts, simulations, dry-runs and one-on-one working sessions on each participant’s company.

Learning goals

Understanding of US market environment (economy, sales channels, competitive forces, legal, finance, logistics and operations, management practices, business culture); knowledge of best practices and errors to avoid; ability to assess a project’s market potential as well as risks and weaknesses. At the end of the program, participants will have actually outlined a business plan and budget for their project.

Who should attend

Top executives of innovative technology companies that are members of one of our partnered trade associations, with an interest in building professionally-informed, best practices-driven strategies and business plans.


Methods include presentations by the program’s facilitators and speakers, using extensive PowerPoint decks, articles, benchmarks and business cases, real-life situations, role-playing, review of relevant sources, group discussions, live or video interviews, Q&A’s, individual working sessions with coaches and mentors. Participants are also provided with opportunities to network with business peers and relevant experts. Sessions are primarily face-to-face but include remote video-conferences as needed.


Market outlines, strategic orientations, budgeted action plans, communication material, feedback from committee of experts.


The program’s multi-dimensional approach enabled me to develop a business plan needed to fund my project. I was also able to substantially expand my network thanks to the program –I came back with 40 new relevant contacts.


CEO, OSD Orthopedic & Spine Development

Very useful information and very structured coaching. There was a real understanding of our business to make us interact with the right experts.

Guerric FAURE

CEO, Whoog Business Emergencies Dispatch

Knowledgeable and effective experts with practical discussions. The program’s dynamics energized us and motivated us to push our project even further. It substantially helped us to build our business development project.

Dominique SALLOUM

CEO, BioptimizeGenetic Algorithms


Our program is built on the cumulative experience of numerous past speakers who have contributed to our knowledge base. They represent companies such as LInkedIn, Craigslist, Google, Inc. Magazine, Soft Tech VC, Sofinnova and many more.

View Past Speakers


Antoine Abbatucci  International Coordinator, F. Iniciativas
Jean-Jacques Gaudiot  Managing Partner, eZ Report
Mathieu Fialon  VP Sales North America, Evidian Systems Inc.
Sylvie Giret  Partner, cyrna/Strat’America
Marie Landel  Founder, Marie Landel& Associates
Michele Landel  Communication and Marketing expert
Philippe Manteau Attorney, Partner at Schiff Hardin LLP
Omar Mencin  Director of Investments, Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Dan Nicollet  COO, Seabourne, and Principal Consultant at OrigoTerra
Jeremie Sautter  Associate Director of Membership, French-American Chamber of Commerce
Christine Lagarde Then-Minister of Economy & Finance, French government (keynote speaker, 2008)
Pierre Simon Then-President of the Paris Chamber of Commerce (keynote speaker, 2008)
Craig Stapelton  Ambassador of the USA in Paris (keynote speaker, 2008)
Martin Eberhard  Founding member of Tesla Motors (keynote speaker, 2008)
Carl Schramm  President & CEO, Kauffman Foundation (keynote speaker, 2008)
Jerry Sanders  Founder of San Francisco Science (keynote speaker, 2008-2009)
Jabril Bensedrine  Founder of The Triana Group (keynote speaker, 2008-2009; speaker & facilitator, 2010-Present)
Franck Vidal Then-Director, Advancia (keynote speaker, 2008-2009)
Craig Newmark  Founder, Craigslist (panelist, 2008)
Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet  Founder & CEO, PriceMinister (panelist, 2008)
Jonathan Benassaya  Co-Founder, Deezer (panelist, 2008)
Larry Sanger  Co-Founder, Wikipedia (panelist, 2008)
Reid Hoffman  Founder & CEO, Linkedin (panelist, 2008)
Raymond Nasr  Former Communication Director, Google (panelist, 2008)
Marc Rochet  Then-President, l’Avion (panelist, 2008)
Alan Lewis  Then-CEO, Novocell (panelist, 2008)
Dominique Restino  President, l’institut du mentoral entrepreneurial (panelist, 2008)
Rémi Barbier  Founder & CEO, Pain Therapeutics (panelist, 2008)
Sandra Le Grand  Founder & President, Canalce (panelist, 2008)
Kevin P Ryan  Co-Founder & CEO, AlleyCorp (panelist, 2008)
Michel Berty  co-Founder and former CEO, CapGemini USA (panelist, 2008)
Alain Azan  President, Sofinnova Ventures (panelist, 2008)
Jacques Souquet  Founder & CEO, Supersonic Imagine (panelist, 2008)
Jeff Clavier  Partner, Soft Tech VC (panelist, 2008)
Maria P Sendra  Partner, Baker & McKenzie (panelist, 2008)
John May  President & CEO, Angel Capital Association (panelist, 2008)
Susan P Strommer  President & CEO, National Association of Seed and Venture funds (panelist, 2008)
Ouriel Ohayon  Director, LightSpeed Gemini Internet Lab (panelist, 2008)
Joanne Bouldt Sanders  Founder, Bolt Staffing Service (panelist, 2008)
Philippe Houzé  President of the Board, GaleriesLafayettes (panelist, 2008)
Eric Schine Then-Inc. Magazine (moderator, 2008-2009)
Michael S Malone  ABC News (moderator, 2008-2009)
Philippe Bloch (Moderator 2008-2009)
Sam Natapoff  Then-Advisor for International Business to the Governor of the State of New York (keynote speaker, 2009)
Joshua Boltuch  Founder, AimeeStreet.com (speaker, 2009)
Alain Lemarchand  CEO, Hachette Filipacchi USA (speaker, 2009)
Jason Ackerman  Co-Founder, FreshDirect.com (panelist, 2009)
Geert Cauwenbergh  Founder, Barrier Therapeutics (panelist, 2009)
Matt Turck Then-Director, Bloomberg Ventures (panelist, 2009)
Kevin Ryan  Founder, Double Click &AlleyCorp (panelist, 2009)
Fabrice Sergent  Founder, CellFish Media & Club Internet (panelist, 2009)
Russel Adams  Wall Street Journal (moderator, 2009)
Jean-Cosme Delaloye  Revue France-Amerique (moderator, 2009)
Maxine Ballen  President, New Jersey Technology Council (panelist, 2009)
Guillaume Bouchara  Founder & CEO, Nextep.fr (panelist, 2009)
Owen Davis  Director, NYC Seed (panelist, 2009)
David Freedman  Partner, Baker & McKenzie (panelist, 2009)
Ari Ginsberg  Professor, New York University Stern School of Business (panelist, 2009)
Larry Gregory Then-Directeur, Microsoft Corporation (panelist, 2009)
Erik Grimmelmann  Then-Administrator, New York Software Industry Association (panelist, 2009); Director, New York Technology Council (panelist, 2010-Present)
David Hochman  Executive Director, Business Incubator Association of New York State (panelist, 2009)
Mel Horwitch  Then-Director, Technology Management, Polytechnic Institute of NYU (panelist, 2009)
Brian McLaughlin  VP International Business, Information Builders (panelist, 2009)
Gilles Rubinstein  Then-Director, Fondation Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (panelist, 2009)

Interested in U.S. expansion? You might be interested in our interview with Michel Berty, Founder & Former CEO, Capgemini USA.

Michel Berty was the first executive sent by Capgemini to develop its business in the United States. In 2008, in a speech arranged by The Triana Group, he shared his experience with us and several CEOs of high-tech companies members of the System@tic cluster.



French American Conference of Entrepreneurs 2008 (FACE 1)

Louvre, Paris

French American Conference of Entrepreneurs 2009 (FACE 2)

New York Academy of Sciences, NY; Microsoft, NY; Polytechnic Institute of NYU, NY; Baker McKenzie, NY

2010 Roadshow (FACE 3)

Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Sophia-Antipolis, and Bordeaux

2011 Roadshow (FACE 4)

Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Sophia-Antipolis, and Bordeaux

2013 Executive Development Program (FACE 5)

Paris& New York

2014 Executive Development Program (FACE 6)

Paris & Florida

2014 Executive Development Program (FACE 7)

Paris & New York

2015 Executive Development Program (FACE 8)

Paris & New York

2015 Executive Development Program (FACE 9)

Paris + New York + Florida