Since 2008, we have introduced dozens of innovative products, services and technologies to new markets with our three lines of services:



Our Services

Our Services 

We interview your targets, understand their needs, analyze competitors, test market segments, to help inform your strategies, feasibility studies, revenue projections and business plans.

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We prospect key accounts, design lead-generation systems and in-bound marketing programs, handle pre-sales, facilitate partnerships, develop new channels, and recruit for leadership positions.

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We provide workshops, coaching and training programs to help your teams and clients develop new skills, learn new solutions and best practices, and discover new markets and technologies internationally.

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Healthcare Providers

We act as national and regional sales agency for companies targeting the healthcare sector, including diagnostics, surgery, sterilization, endocrinology, fertility and others. We have qualified hundreds of hospitals and maintain relationships with some of the largest. We have introduced software, medical devices, diagnostics, and are interested in more.

Sustainability & EHS

We have qualified dozens of Environment, Health & Safety consulting and engineering firms across the United States, and maintain a database of EHS directors in some of the nation’s largest corporations. We are interested in introducing valuable technologies, provided that they build synergies with our current offering.

The Systems Integration Chain

Our Channel Management activity relies on a proprietary list of 900 integrators and IT consulting firms throughout the United States. We have deep knowledge of several dozens among them and know several that are open to strategic collaborations, or more depending on opportunities.

The Electronics Sector

Our network includes 165 screened distributors and manufacturer representatives (of which the Top 5 US distributors); hundreds of qualified contacts (product development teams) in large-scale Fortune 1000 consumer electronics companies. We have opened relationships within thirty key strategic accounts among the Fortune 500.

Big Pharma and Biotech

We introduce biotechnology companies to Big Pharma, clients and possible strategic partners. We work with them to help maximize chances of successful meetings. Due to the nature of the industry and constitution of our life sciences team, we typically focus on short-lists of 5 to 20 key strategic accounts.

Other Verticals

Not seeing the industry you are interested in selling to? We have helped companies in many other sectors. Ask us and we will either find the right connections and channel partners, or another reputable firm that specializes in your vertical.


What our client say about us!

The Triana Group supported our company’s market expansion in the U.S. through the following projects: general business planning, recruiting for a key executive position, facilitating numerous conversations with relevant industry experts, leading to multiple white papers to support our marketing efforts. The team demonstrated a solid expertise and was responsive through the entire process. For example, finding the perfect match to lead our U.S. division was a challenge but The Triana Group managed to get it done. We appreciate our collaboration with them and will definitely continue to use their services.

Wassim Bendeddouche

North America Area Manager, Optimum Tracker, a Top Innovator for Utility-Scale Solar Developers and IPPs

We needed a commercial test for one of our solutions. The Triana Group’s methodology was very professional (from target definition to writing the right messages, preparing databases, and the commercial outreach itself). Within 3 months, they reached out to dozens of key accounts nationwide and started many conversations, leading to demos involving our team. In addition, their outreach generated useful insights that informed our strategic decisions. I would strongly recommend them to any company seeking to define or refine its business development strategy.

Bernard Fort

CEO, Tennaxia (international pioneer in EHS & Sustainability software solutions)


Since 2008, the Triana Group has worked with 79 technology companies worldwide, expanding their business development capability, and accelerating their commercialization by channeling their innovations to strategic partners internationally. 


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