The board of directors of the World Trade Center (WTC) Lille hosted today our Managing Director Jabril Bensedrine as a Guest Speaker, in a meeting held at the FACC New York. Along with our partner Global Commerce Education’s Sophie Lechner, Jabril Bensedrine shared statistical results from a longitudinal analysis of US go-to-market strategies completed by The Triana Group. The analysis is based on a study of nearly 80 companies we have completed over the past 8 years. He also presented several case studies representing key challenges in building a solid market presence, and solutions to best address them.

Thanks to the board members’ extensive experience in international business development, the presentation led to very engaging conversations. It was especially fascinating to hear one of the board members corroborate our observations by sharing his own company’s successful development in the US. A very interesting conversation ensued regarding what Sophie Lechner referred to as the “silent killer”: cross-cultural differences, which result in up to 70% of international deals falling apart.

Participants unanymously appreciated our statistical insights. “We never saw such data before”, said one of them. “I was impressed with this group”, said Jabril Bensedrine, “WTC Lille board members demonstrated unique expertise, experience, and sharp interest in international business, and in the human dimension of doing business overseas.”