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YOU ARE SEEKING primary market information to prepare a technology introduction in a new segment, or to adjust your current go-to-market strategy.

WE DELIVER the right knowledge to help make the right decisions. We interview technology users, potential distributors and channel partners, subject-matter experts, industry leaders. We provide you with deliverables ranging from need analysis to market feedback, positioning strategy, business development plans and recommendations.

CLIENTS SELECT US for our unique combination of world-class research and industry experience. We are the prime choice of companies looking for high-quality analysis and for whom diligent strategic and operational decision-making is a top priority.

Case Studies

We helped a High-Performance Computing company diversify, by analyzing potential users’ needs in new markets

Situation: A provider of high-performance simulation software & hardware solutions to the defense sector wanted to adapt its technology to the needs of data-intensive sectors in the civil markets. It also sought partners to help drive product development in each new segment.

Method: 20 in-depth interviews focused on user needs in several sectors. Interviews covered user behavior and needs in terms of data analysis and modeling; key value-drivers; pricing benchmarks; perception of competitive positioning; purchasing decision processes. The interviews were sourced from 110 key contacts in trade shows, conferences, networks, and cold calls.

Deliverables: We delivered detailed recommendations to guide new product features, pricing and promotion for each segment. We arranged CEO introduction to 2 large R&D partners which could serve as reference pilot-user and help fine tune product development. CEO signed collaboration with one of the partners. Outcome off-the-record value is “many millions of dollars”.

We helped a healthcare solutions provider demonstrate its value proposition, by developing a quantitative model for hospital cost savings

Situation: A provider of healthcare solutions (technology-enabled services) to hospitals needed to demonstrate its value proposition in a quantified manner.

Method: We developed a quantitative model based on benchmarks, the company’s business model and its clients’ data. We tested the model and fine-tuned it through expert reviews.

Deliverables: We delivered a quantitative model in which we could input clients’ data prior to each meeting with prospects. The model was used on multiple occasions and enabled our client to demonstrate its solution’s value proposition to hospitals and insurance groups.

We helped a healthcare augmented-reality software company make an international go/no-go decision, by assessing business & financial feasibility

Situation: A software division of a $1 billion group needed to independently assess the feasibility of geographical market expansion for a new healthcare augmented reality solution.

Method: We worked closely with our client’s team, local consultants and subject-matter experts to perform 12 demos and in-depth interviews with doctors and managers in medical practices and hospitals in different regional markets. We benchmarked 10 competitors’ products and strategies, and examined 11 potential distribution partners. We interviewed and screened 3 FDA regulatory registration firms and pre-qualified 2 insurance reimbursement firms.

Deliverables: The client’s executive team was hosted in New York for an intensive full-day workshop during which we collectively prioritized 11 purchasing criteria, analyzed 4 positioning maps, explored 3 strategic paths, assessed and quantified 4 market segments, developed 4 revenue models and pricing strategies, leading to 2 alternate sales projections and budgeting scenarios. First year’s marketing & sales plan included 8 key actions, partly leveraging 3 clinical tests & partnerships.

We helped a manufacturer raise more growth capital, by demonstrating and planning its new market development strategy

Situation: The CEO of a rapidly growing, private equity-funded manufacturing company needed an independent assessment of his company’s expansion potential in a new market. He needed a market research-based business plan to support a request for financing to his board.

Method: We interviewed the company’s distributors, sales firms, current and potential clients. We developed a revenue model based on multiple factors, enabling growth scenarios linked to marketing and operational investment levels. We collected information from professional associations and major conference organizers. We interviewed potential executives to join the team and fuel the company’s growth.

Deliverables: Using our assessment and business plan, the CEO obtained 3 proposals for outside financing. The company’s existing board and private equity investors decided to fund the company’s growth. The CEO retained us to help implement the plan. We provided part-time and full-time management support, and hired 2 key positions for the company including a Division General Manager.

We guided new product development for an Engineering Software company, expanding its product portfolio

Situation: An engineering software company with solid technology and client references was growing at a substantially slower rate than competitors. Its user-base represented 1% of its main competitor’s. As a potential user put it after reviewing the company’s marketing material: “What does it DO? I still don’t understand what I can use it for”. We were assigned to help guide the “productization” of the company’s technology platform into user-driven applications.

Method: After segmenting and prioritizing the company’s main target markets, we performed in-depth user-need analysis and competitive benchmarking in each key segment. The method was based on secondary and primary data, including detailed interviews with users and decision makers as well as channel partners.

Deliverables: We delivered a competitive assessment based on users’ perceptions; key value drivers with a list of the “hottest” features that the company should include and push in its marketing. Our material enabled the company to design new product applications for specific segments, to adjust, fine-tune, and fundamentally rethink its product, pricing and promotion.

We helped an Edu-Tech company explore new markets, with feedback from value-added resellers

Situation: The CEO of an e-learning provider specialized in executive development for Fortune 500 companies, sought international distributors in North America.

Method: We prepared detailed profiles of 30 prospective distribution partners based on criteria such as size, geographical scope, and potential fit in their product portfolio. We reviewed the list with our client and narrowed it down to 8 potential partners. We approached each short-listed distributor and tested their interest.

Deliverables: We reached a Memorandum of Understanding with 2 shortlisted partners that entered into a product evaluation phase. This process resulted in valuable insights and feedback for our client. Both distributors requested key changes to the client’s e-learning platform as a condition to distribute it in their geographical market. The client recognized this as valid requests and included them in its product development roadmap. A new version of the product was developed as a result.

We helped modernize a privately-owned educational company, by selecting and facilitating international Edu-Tech in-licensing deals

Situation: A family-owned business in the Gulf Countries sought to license new technologies in order to distribute them in its regional market. We were retained to identify and assess relevant technologies internationally, help negotiate agreements, and develop the company’s business model and business plan around these technologies.

Method: We worked closely with our client’s team, our local consultants and subject-matter experts to develop a need analysis and help focus our search. We analyzed international best practices and extensively reviewed existing and emerging technologies (ranging from start-ups to large corporations.) We analyzed 16 technology providers for one division, and 66 for another division, resulting respectively in a thorough due diligence on 10 and 21 technologies according to a grid including 15 product features and business criteria.

Deliverables: Our client invested in 2 technologies for a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken to develop them internally. One of these technologies was developed by a Google Ventures-funded company, and the other had gained the status of Fortune 500 standard. With the first technology, our client secured a unique position in the regional market. This resulted in the division’s turnaround and substantial revenue growth. This led our client to retain us to perform the feasibility study for a new division representing a $40 million investment.

We helped the diversification of a group of Secured Communications companies, by assessing new business opportunities for their technology in the Smart Grid market

Situation: A group of technology companies representing ~$900 million in R&D budget in the field of Secured Communicating Solutions with applications as diverse as Healthcare, Transportation, and Finance, sought specific insights on the US smart grids market.

Method: Interviews with subject-matter experts; analysis of reports both publicly available and proprietary research; interviews of industry executives; analysis of key players, major projects, noteworthy conferences and resources.

Deliverables: Presentation of four key segments: RFID; M2M; Security; Energy Management Systems. For each, we provided information on the institutional context, financing environment, noteworthy initiatives; we pointed challenges and detected key opportunities including new projects and RFP to pursue.


I was leading a “market expansion feasibility study” for one of my clients, a $1 billion group’s division focused on healthcare augmented reality. The Triana Group worked closely with me and my client’s team to complete this assessment. Within three months, The Triana Group successfully performed demos and in-depth interviews with clinicians and healthcare administrators, benchmarked competitors, examined distributors, screened FDA regulatory and insurance reimbursement experts, and detected several pilots and clinical studies partners. Their result was a 360-degree strategic assessment which reviewed: the company’s SWOT relative to local purchasing criteria; presented different positioning maps; explored strategic paths; quantified and qualified market segments; developed revenue models and pricing strategies. This led to alternate sales projections and budgeting scenarios, along with potential marketing & sales plans.

The outcome was presented in a full-day internal workshop during which The Triana Group’s experts met with our client’s executive team to discuss their strategic options in depth. In this project, like all other collaborations with The Triana Group, they have proven to be a top strategy & implementation partner.

David Sejourne

CEO & Consulting Project Lead for RM Ingenierie - Groupe Cegedim, Cegedim, a global technology & services provider leading innovation in healthcare

I have a long-lasting relationship with The Triana Group and met their team in several events that they have organized over the years. Last year, I took the helm of a new company and decided to work with The Triana Group because I saw a good alignment with my business development needs. The process worked smoothly and our experience has been excellent. Their team conducted exploratory meetings on our behalf, following which they excelled at sharing detailed debriefing notes. Their debriefs were so clear and detailed that I could pass them along to my technical colleagues without any further explanation. Their communication efficiency has accelerated our decision-making process regarding prototype development and market focus. We have been able to start multiple collaborations thanks to introductions by The Triana Group. We are very happy and as a next step, we would like them to continue to build our pipeline and nurture our relationships in this market.

Badrul Husain

CEO, Infolytx

I was introduced to The Triana Group by the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York. I really appreciated their in-depth knowledge of how to bridge the business development gap between our home country and the United States. The Triana Group’s team has quickly grasped our goals and services. They gave us strong and efficient support, helping us plan new marketing documentation for the US market, and organizing interviews with key people in various targeted sectors. Their interview summaries resulted in very useful recommendations on how to mitigate risks and pursue our market opportunities effectively. Last, but not least, The Triana Group found us a pilot project in New York City, which meets perfectly our expectations. Naturally, we intend to continue working with The Triana Group for our next steps.

Philippe Michelin

Founder & CEO, Aebis Inc. a division of BFD, an IT architecture & change management advisory firm with clients ranging from Societe Generale to the World Bank

The Triana Group delivered more than our most optimistic expectations. They were able to identify the relevant targets and set up a range of efficient prospective meetings that helped us immediately go right to the point with the relevant persons.

Sylvain Leborgne

(former) CEO, Adledge

We needed a commercial test for one of our solutions. The Triana Group’s methodology was very professional (from target definition to writing the right messages, preparing databases, and the commercial outreach itself). Within 3 months, they reached out to dozens of key accounts nationwide and started many conversations, leading to demos involving our team. In addition, their outreach generated useful insights that informed our strategic decisions. I would strongly recommend them to any company seeking to define or refine its business development strategy.

Bernard Fort

CEO, Tennaxia (international pioneer in EHS & Sustainability software solutions)

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