Herma Schmitz, from Executive Coaching Group, Inc. was voted one of the top executive coaches in the United States. She will lead the “When Leaders Grow, Companies Grow” Coaching workshop at our FACE meetings on Friday, June 26 from 2.00 to 3.00.

Meet her and The Triana Group at the Happy Hour Coaching Session tonight at the Cooper Square Hotel (25 Cooper Square, NY) from 5.00 to 7.00!

Tell us about the coaching program – what difference does it make for an entrepreneur to be coached?
The coaching will give them powerful tools to fulfill on their vision. It will identify what conversations from the past could stop them from producing the results they want. It will create a structure inside of which they will move their project forward and get coached on advanced management and leadership skills now necessary to expand their project and create breakthroughs out of the inevitable breakdowns. It will have them be a master in generating conversations that enrolls and empowers others so that they become
part of the environment to support his vision.

Who should be coached? How is it done?

Anybody who is up to creating something new or wants to move to the next level. Who wants to be an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word, meaning making something happen that would not happen otherwise.

It’s done in an interactive conversation, shedding light on the blind spots that stop or disempower us. It operates from you being an able and capable professional and human being and there might be barriers to your full self expression.

What is the link between companies’ growth and coaching?

Coaching creates an ongoing commitment for people to keep on playing and being responsible for winning a bigger game. The ability to go beyond what we can envision, have had experience with from the past or think we can promise, creates growth beyond the predictable.