The Triana Group announces completion of a several-month proprietary market study of the United States Smart Grid sector. The study provides an overview of the market landscape and key opportunities for foreign and US companies seeking to invest in this sector.


Executive Summary

US Electric Energy

  • Production, transmission, distribution
  • consumption
  • regulatory framework (FERC, NERC, prices)
  • regulatory bodies (governmental, independent, regulations)

Smart Grid

  • Definition
  • Why is a smart grid needed
  • Components of a smart grid (Advanced Metering Infrastructure; Phasor Measurement Units; Visualization Technology and Agents)
  • Smart Grid Technologies (Integrated Communications; Sensing and Measurement Technologies; Decision Support and Interfaces; Advanced Control Method; Advanced Technologies and Components)
  • Smart Grid development catalysts (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; Department of Energy)
  • Smart Grid roadblocks (costs; multiple communication and data standards; security; user engagement)

US Smart Grid Ecosystem

  • Financing (Federal; States; Venture capital)
  • Innovation and market structure (large corporations; mergers & acquisition; small & midmarket companies; universities)
  • Integrators

Major Projects

  • Smart meters (key players)
  • Phasor measurement units (PMU)
  • Security

Segment-by-Segment Review

  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications in the US smart grid (market; key players; events; useful resources)
  • RFID applications in the US smart grid (definition; key players; examples of projects; events; useful resources)
  • Security in the US smart grid (definition; key players; examples of projects; events)
  • Energy management systems in the US smart grid (definition; applications; key players; examples; events)

Federal and State Incentive Programs

  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs
  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs
  • Smart Grid Investment Grant Program – List of Projects
  • DoD Rapid Innovation Fund
  • Electric Power Research Institute, Inc (EPRI)
  • State programs (California; Colorado; New York; Pennsylvania; Massachusetts; Florida; Texas; Illinois)

Smart Grid Market Other Landscape Components

  • Key players of the US Smart Grid
  • Investors in the US Smart Grid in 2012
  • Quantitative goals announced by smart meter companies
  • Interviewees profiles and interview summaries
  • List of economic development agencies interviewed
  • Useful resources
  • Regulatory information
  • US energy market information
  • US laboratories and R&D centers related to the US Department of Energy
  • Sources of information on relevant incentive programs
  • Sources of information on relevant Requests for Proposals

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