We use our expertise to offer various services that help companies meet their objectives.
Market Research

Market Research

Our market research services are the first step in your expansion strategy. Before you consider introducing your product to a new market, there is a lot of research to be done. We have experience doing market research in a variety of sectors, and our high-quality reports are one of the things our clients love about us.

Market Research

Growth Services

We are experts in business development strategies, and are here to help you find a way to grow your business in the US. For over 8 years we’ve worked in a variety of industries developing different business strategies for different companies.

Executive Development

Executive Development

Entering a new market with existing staff can be a difficult transition. There’s a lot to learn about regulations, business culture, and business tools. The Triana Group can help your staff during this time. We develop and lead workshops and webinars throughout the year, and collaborate with other businesses to train your team and ensure their success in this new venture..


Since 2008, the Triana Group has worked with 79 technology companies worldwide, expanding their business development capability, and accelerating their commercialization by channeling their innovations to strategic partners internationally.


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