South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SFIRM) and our client AndroJek help infertile couples become pregnant and stay pregnant.

  • Infertility affects 15% of all couples in the US (an estimated 9 million)
  • In infertile couples, up to 60% of the problem is due to male factors

Dr. Scott Roseff, MD, FACOG (boardcertified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility) recently joined the growing South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SFIRM). Dr. Roseff is excited to bring his expertise and more than two decades of successfully serving infertile patients to the practice.

“I joined SFIRM because they offer a breadth of services and a backbone of medical experts resulting in superior pregnancy rates,” Dr. Roseff said. “We are now able to offer more options to my patients with everything taking place under one roof. As a result, I can provide my patients highly personalized attention; with SFIRM, it is totally about the patient. I am fortunate to bring AndroJek’s diagnostic paradigm with me, allowing me to continue taking the evaluation of male factor infertility to a level well above and beyond the norm.”

Why AndroJek?… Becoming Pregnant and Staying Pregnant

Dr. Roseff said he became an AndroJek client because “I am a big believer” in the science behind, and the utility of AndroJek founder, Dr. David Brown’s, Male Reproductive Health (MRHSM) panel.

“Over the years, I have collaborated with Dr. Brown on many projects which convinced me of the value of his male infertility tests,” Dr. Roseff said. “I have been a client of his since the 1990s. Many patients who failed to deliver a baby via other fertility specialists came to me for rapid success and often asked why other doctors didn’t offer this type of testing.

“The difference is that most doctors look at sperm on the outside, while AndroJek’s MRHSM panel looks at what sperm does on the inside,” Dr. Roseff explained. “Specifically, our evaluation determines if the sperm DNA is structured and is functioning normally. Over the years, my patients and I discovered that the insight gleaned from the results of the MRH panel helped them to both become pregnant and stay pregnant* Indeed, at the end of the day, my goal is to have them walk away with a baby!”

*One component of AndroJek’s proprietary test is the Sperm DNA Decondensation (SDD™) test which accurately assesses the level of DNA decondensation compared to a normal fertile male. In the sequence of events following the penetration of a sperm into an egg, DNA must decondense properly. It’s like unzipping a computer file so the program can run. This is a prerequisite for DNA synthesis and proper fertilization. In one study of men with unexplained infertility, almost 22% failed the SDD™ test. All of the sperm samples that failed the SDD™ test were then used in an IVF cycle, and none produced a pregnancy that progressed beyond the first trimester.

Via Androjek Press Release