ITAC & Triana Technologies,in partnership with Systematic and the Paris Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite you to meet the CEOs of selected international companies during a wine and cheese event, the 17th of November in New York. Attendance is free of charge but RSVP is required here (space is limited)

39 Broadway, Suite 1110
New York, NY 1006

The companies featured in this exciting event offer unique and innovative technologies. Experiencing high growth rate in their European market, they are on an exploratory mission in the US and welcome open discussions and feedback from potential US partners. They will be at your disposal for informal one-on-ones during a poster session. You will also have an
opportunity to meet other members of the New York-based international business community.

The eleven companies featured in this event fall in the following loosely defined industry segments:

  • Clean technology, smart grid and energy management-related solutions
  • Engineering, robotics and logistics hardware and software solutions
  • SaaS solutions for the small business to corporate Research and Development
  • Semiconductors (EDA tools and integrated signal and image processing)

The companies you will meet are:


A European leader in decision support software for the energy sector. The company assists power companies in their management of complex problems such as the optimization of production capacity under a complex set of constraints (alternative power sources, availability, carbon footprint, demand modeling and forecasting, etc.). Its expertise extends to hedging of production plan and power asset valuation.


Dotvision integrates hardware sensors and software (including cloud-based) to deliver real-time, complex geo-tracking of moving elements. Using a set of user-friendly web interfaces, the technology is ideally suited for the presentation and reporting of sporting events as well as other applications requiring the graphical reporting and management of large amounts of data.


The company offers hardware and software automation solutions in the logistics and warehouse spaces. Balyo’s revolutionary technology will turn a regular forklift into a leading edge auto-guided vehicle without any infrastructure investment, leading to significant savings and quick payback.


DiscInNet offers the research community and its ecosystem, a synthetic and visual way to effectively communicate progress. Using a two-dimensional graphical representation of progress along relevant axis within a given research “cluster” (e.g. a project or set of related projects), it can easily visualize progress, while keeping available the relevant information required for a more complete but still synthetic view.


FLEXRAS develops and commericalizes EDA verification tools. Companies relying on multiple FPGAs to verify their large and very large designs turn to FLEXRAS to automatically partition and optimize the use of multiple FPGAs, considerably accelerating the verification process.


HGPro offers a suite of web-based user-friendly business applications geared to the small business market. The suite of applications is delivered through a portal where users find a tightly integrated service offered through a single user interface, and offered directly, or as a private-label solutions.

Knowledge Inside

Knowledge Inside offers innovative software solutions for the design and engineering of complex systems. It bridges the specification and design phases, facilitating the architecture of large-scale systems. It integrates the multi-dimensional aspects of functional, system and software architecture, allowing the various disciplines involved to perform their work
simultaneously, while maintaining the integrity of the design, and preparing for the following design phase. While the company’s offering finds great reception in a number of sectors, it has had great success in the automotive one.


Luceor offers Wimesh communication systems for deployment in crisis situations, special events and infrastructure projects with unique requirements. Its technology allows for the rapid deployment of resilient, high-bandwidth networks for the transmission of voice, data and video. It is ideally suited three types of environments: natural disasters, accidents, or conflictual situations that demand a rapid response, special events such as the visit of heads of state, or a sensitive summit, and unique and complex zones such as sensitive industrial sites or sites involving moving elements (including those requiring vehicle-mounted network nodes).


MyCO2 helps companies incentivize and reward consumers for a more environmentally responsible day-to-day purchasing behavior. The company brings its expertise in analyzing the environmental impact of individual products to help companies achieve their environmental goals while creating green incentives that help shape the consumer demand.


Smartside collects, analyses and manages information generated by smart meters, providing utilities with the tools for an optimal management of their capacity. The system can collect parameters such as water, gas, electricity (including street lighting information) consumption, as well as information collected by temperature and pollution sensors, etc. Using a cloud base infrastructure, the Smartside solution is robust, stable, scalable, and designed to handle large amounts of information in real-time.


TechwaY develops and markets embedded real-time signal and video processing systems. Its FPGA-based cards use standard interfaces to offer cost effective solutions in the defense (e.g. radar and electronic warfare), medical, and industrial sectors. The Airbus 350 program uses a TechwaY solution.

Attendance is free of charge but RSVP is required. Please RSVP (space is limited)