This month marks the achievement of a new milestone for The Triana Group: after months of diligence, our firm has been selected by its first Global Fortune 500 direct client. A company with revenue north of $30 billion, dozens of thousands of patents and a global footprint.

This isn’t a totally new environment for us since most of our members, advisers and consultants have worked in companies ranging for highly innovative start-ups all the way up to Fortune 100 before joining us –and sometimes even while serving on our advisory board. In addition, we have worked for large companies and organizations as a sub-contractor to third-party entities. Moreover, we regularly serve as a connector between growing innovative companies and larger corporations that seek their innovations. Recently for example, we facilitated an exclusive licensing agreement between a company overseas and a rapidly-growing start-up funded by Google Ventures.

We will tell you more about this new milestone when all the disclosure details are obtained. We can already say that our role is to support the development of a global ecosystem of channel partners by one of this company’s subsidiaries, for a solution in the mobility space that already ranks in the top of its market worldwide. If you are a systems integrator or software vendor interested in partnering with a global player in the mobility space, contact us. We look forward to updating and clarifying this announcement soon.