General Manager for New Healthcare Provider Organization

This position will support a healthcare-focused family investment group, preparing to launch an organization that will provide around-the-clock medical care to homebound patients. The organization will combine innovative technology solutions with in-person service to address the nation’s considerable need for at-home medical care in an efficient, effective, compliant and scalable manner. The position A small executive team is being developed to put in place a healthcare provider organization, ranging from strategic investments and partnerships to specific business planning, recruiting and operational capability. We are seeking a well-rounded healthcare executive to help drive this organization from proof-of-concept to national roll-out. The opening is for a General Manager who will serve as a member of the senior leadership team, will participate in the development of strategic goals and operating plans, and will lead their execution.


  • Developing and managing strategic and operational relationships with third-party organizations, including (but not limited to) securing sub-contracts
  • Integrating best-in-class technologies as well as best practices in patient-care
  • Choosing new communities for the launch of new branches
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Recruiting and managing human resources, ranging from medical to technical and administrative staff
  • Overseeing administrative procedures and financial management, including (but not limited to) billing and insurance reimbursement as required
  • Working with legal advisors and other professionals as required for legal and regulatory compliance
  • Other general management responsibilities as required.

The ultimate objectives for the position are to ensure that the service offering is excellent, that risks are minimized, and that processes and procedures are repeatable and scalable.

Required experience

  • Proven experience overseeing all tasks described above
  • 15+ years of healthcare experience in various types of relevant organizations (home-based care; managed care; multi-practice healthcare setting; urgent care centers; accountable-care organizations; 24/7 care operations; etc.)
  • 5+ years of senior management experience
  • Proven track-record in launching and leading new branches and experience managing the growth of an expanding business
  • Proven track-record starting a new business offering in the healthcare or medical field
  • Oversight of medical operations with prior responsibility for compliance, quality, and scalability
  • Continuous improvement experience with a demonstrated ability to use process improvement techniques to achieve operational results

Desired skills

  • Able to evaluate alternatives and make sound decisions, develop and implement strategic plans
  • Able to develop and implement strategic and operational partnerships
  • Able to build a team and assist staff in goal setting, planning, organizing, prioritizing; able to mentor, coach, and direct team work
  • Strong financial acumen and experience developing and managing budgets to achieve financial goals and results
  • Able to identify problems, research, recommend and implement solutions
  • Able to promote a safe and efficient working environment ensuring adherence to operations policies and procedures
  • Able to establish collaborative and productive working relations with physicians and clinical leadership
  • Understands HIPAA, NCQA and other regulatory requirements to ensure complete compliance
  • Able to communicate effectively, both in writing and orally, with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration or Healthcare Administration preferred, or equivalent experience.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.