Crystelle Desnoyer

Crystelle Desnoyer, a consultant at The Triana Group, has helped over a dozen technology companies (in photonics, smartgrid, machine automation, augmented reality, open source data analytics software, ecommerce Saas software, electronics, mobile apps, digital agencies, etc.) aiming at developing their business in the United States. She has consulted as well as fully integrated our clients’ team as their marketing manager when needed to develop the US promotional push. Prior to working with Triana Group, Crystelle has acquired an international experience by working at Mavi Jeans, TheNorthFace, the French Olympic Committee, Cardio3Biosciences, and as a marketing coordinator. She is a graduate of the European Business School in London, where she has obtained a Bachelor in International Business, and holds a Masters in the same field from the Hult International Business School in San Francisco. Her British, French, and Turkish origins enable her to perfectly master these three languages in addition to German and Mandarin Chinese.